About me

About Me

I am a 51-year-old man living in Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan. I have four daughters, two of whom are adults, and I currently live with my wife, two young daughters who attend elementary school and nursery school, and a cat. After trying camping for the first time in March 2022, I became completely hooked and now go camping quite frequently. I have always enjoyed taking photos and videos, so I often take pictures of the local nature.

I started a research company in Los Angeles in 1993 and later moved to Miyazaki in 1996, where it established itself as a company that handles internet-related technology. Currently, we continue to grow as a design company that focuses on branding.

The world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and our lives changed dramatically. Even our previous common sense changed significantly. This had a big impact on me, particularly in terms of relationships and distance from others. I realized that some people I thought were friends or colleagues were not. As the economy and our lives shifted dramatically, I noticed more of the darkness in people's hearts.

No, maybe it was my heart that was becoming rough. In any case, I stopped posting on Facebook, where I used to post a lot every day. I also declined requests to speak as a lecturer in front of people. On Instagram, I only post photos and videos and avoid giving out unnecessary information. While I didn't want to engage with people, as someone who has been expressing myself through my work for many years, I also wanted an outlet to express myself. With these complex feelings, I have been posting videos on Youtube.

I love going camping and visiting different places to take photos and videos. I don't seek anyone's evaluation, but I still have the desire to create something. Making a video just as a piece of work feels wasteful, as I gain a lot of information in the process. So, I created this blog as a place to organize and share these experiences. Initially, it's for myself. But if someone can benefit from it, that would make me happy.

I'm not doing this for profit, and I'm not seeking a lot of followers. So, I named my blog "random musings" and want to write about whatever I like. I haven't decided how long I'll continue or if I'll stop soon. Even with this article, I'm writing it for my own satisfaction, thinking that no one will read it.




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